Patients Love Me!

A few years ago I experienced an injury that caused a lower back disc to rupture.  This left me with constant lower back pain and periodic sciatica.  I believe in trying all options before resorting to surgery, so over the next two years I tried physical therapy, more and more physical therapy, chiropractor, massage, a lot of pain killer meds, epidural steroid shot - all to no avail. Two months ago I was at my wit's end and finally deduced to pursue a surgical fix.  You may notice that I had not mentioned acupuncture. This is because I wasn't a "believer" in this method of medicine at the time so I really did not seriously consider it an option; however, as a "last-ditch" effort before meeting the surgeon, I decided to try acupuncture.  This is where I was referred to Renee - thank God!  I will admit that I approached acupuncture as a skeptic without much expectation of a resolution to my sciatic pain.  I did not really know what to expect but figured it would be months of sessions before I even knew whether it worked.  When I met Renee I was a bit surprised because I expected a "wise old Asian person" that had been practicing eastern medicine for 40 years or so.  While this is certainly not Renee, she was able to quickly gain credibility with her very thorough screening process and the fact that she has experienced similar back issues to me and resolved it with acupuncture.  I was blown away by the results!  After only one session two days later I noticed that my pain had gone from a constant 5 (out of 10) to a 1 or 2. I  went from limping all the time to being able to walk normally. I don't know if my results are typical but I can say that, while I was a skeptic, I am now a believer in this approach to medicine. Renee is passionate about her work and has earned my full confidence in her abilities as an acupuncturist.  I would recommend her any day of the week!

Richard A.